Welcome to Xiyuan's website!

About me

My name is Xiyuan Wang, a graduate student at the Johns Hopkins University. My advisor is David Savitt.

Email: wang.15476 at osu.edu

Research interests

I like to think about problems in number theory, algebraic geometry, and algebraic topology. Currently, I am working on projects related to the following topics.

  • Serre weight conjectures.

  • Arithmetic of algebraic varieties.

  • Hypergeometric motives.

  • Rational homotopy theory.

Publications and preprints

Warning: The papers posted on the arXiv may differ from the published versions! I will solve this problem in the future!

  • Irreducibility of geometric Galois representations and the Tate conjecture for a family of elliptic surfaces. (with Lian duan) Mathematical Research Letters (to appear). [arXiv]

  • Weight elimination in two dimensions when p=2. Mathematical Research Letters (to appear). [arXiv]

In preparation

  • Integral Sullivan theory. (with Jonathan Scott and Donald Stanley)

Invited talks

  • Automorphic Forms and Representation Theory Seminar, Purdue University. Jan. 2021

  • Junior Number Theory Days, Johns Hopkins University. Dec. 2020

  • Junior Colloquium, Johns Hopkins University. Nov. 2020

  • Colloquium, Capital Normal University. Nov. 2020

  • Peking Online International Number Theory Seminar, Beijing University. May. 2020 [slide]

  • Algebra Seminar, University of Pennsylvania. Feb. 2020

  • FRAGMENT Seminar, Colorado State University. Nov. 2019